Welcome To My Pages

I created this blog to provide me with an outlet for my various thoughts, rants, and opinions, but also to investigate some mysteries that interest me.  As a result, there are likely to be pages of factual information among other pages of rants about stuff that annoys me.

I’ve made this blog public, for the amusement, edification, and possibly the annoyance of other who might care to read it.  I’m not aiming to build up a following.  I’m not trying to garner “likes” or up votes or any other token of approval.  I’m just trying to express myself.

I would have liked to open up the comments for people to respond to my posts, but this has proved impractical.  I haven’t found a way to reliably allow reasonable comments while blocking all the comment spam that plagues the Internet.  Aside from spam, there are the inevitable trolls whose lives seem to be devoted to trashing other people.  Unfortunately, the sheer number of abusive comments tends to overwhelm the few reasonable ones.  So for now, until I find a solution, it’s not feasible to make comments.

One final note: I use forbidden language.  People often claim that I shouldn’t use forbidden language because they (or others) may be offended.  I am equally offended by censorship, so we’re at an impasse there.  I am, however, politically challenged, so an accommodation needs to be reached…

So yeah, I’ll be using language that might offend.  I don’t do it just for the sake of offending.  I generally have some reason; but not everyone understands that.

Image of Shakespeare with profane quotation

One Reason Why I Like William Shakespeare.