Hero’s Welcome

According to this article, a lifeguard was fired for saving someone’s life.  Supposedly, by abandoning his post to run to the rescue of a drowning swimmer, Thomas Lopez endangered the lives of the people Lopez was supposed to be watching.

The logic here is interesting.  According to Management (never known for its compassion or intelligence), Lopez was supposed to ignore the fact of a person in actual danger of drowning and remain at his post, because someone in his area might get into trouble.

I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all or anything, but this is fucking stupid.  I mean, sure you want someone to man his post and not abandon it, because indeed someone might get into trouble there and need assistance.  OTOH, the guy was hired to save peoples’ lives, should it become necessary.  Apparently the company (Jeff Ellis Management) wasn’t pleased that Lopez saved someone in a location not covered by the company.  If they’re not getting paid to save people, then fuck them, I guess.

A subsequent article informs us that Lopez has been offered his job back.  He has wisely declined to return.  At least one person at that company – someone with the power to dismiss employees – isn’t particularly mindful of public opinion or compassion.  This doesn’t sound like a good company to work for.

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