Roach Eating Contest

Man dies after winning roach-eating contest in Broward :

The contest was to win a python from a pet store.

You know, it’s one thing to drop dead after running a marathon.  Even if you didn’t finish, if you got close to the end people will generally give you credit for trying.  They figure, “well, he dropped dead, but he was doing something really hard.”  At least, that’s how I figure it when I read about the annual “people dropping dead during or after marathon” stories.  They always say that the guy was young, in good health, they can’t figure out why he dropped dead.  I’ll tell you why: running is bad for you.  But I digress…

When you drop dead after eating too many roaches, you don’t get any respect at all.  This guy will be remembered long after his death, much longer than if he had survived the roach-eating  contest.  He’ll always be, “Isn’t he the guy who dropped dead after eating a gazillion roaches?”  What a claim to fame.

And he didn’t even get the python.

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