Reasons And Excuses

I’ve often felt annoyed, even angry at people who offer bullshit reasons for not wearing a mask.  They cut down your oxygen.  They harbor germs.  They show that you’re living in fear.  They show that you’re afraid to use your God-given right to be a dick.  And so on.

All the information that shows these reasons to be bullshit has no effect on these people.  A doctor who doubled up on masks ran a marathon, showing that the masks really didn’t cut down the oxygen.  Washing your masks daily removes the germs.  Protecting yourself is not living in fear; it’s being smart.  And people are already dicks.  No need to prove it by refusing to wear a mask.

But the thing is, none of these explanations are reasons.  They’re excuses.  They’re (hopefully) plausible explanations for doing things a certain way.  But they’re not reasons.

I don’t know all of the reasons, but I can think of a few.  Masks are uncomfortable .  They can feel as though they’re cutting off the air.  They fog up your glasses.  They are inconvenient.  Washing them every day is just one more extra chore.  People may resent being told what to do.

Possibly people are uncomfortable because with masks, it’s difficult to tell how a person is feeling.  We can’t see their mouths.  Are they smiling, frowning, what?

Despite all this, masks are still important.  Put them on anyway.

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