Angels And Aliens

There exist some phenomena that we find difficult to explain with our current level of technology.  How was the Great Pyramid built, using the technology available to the ancient Egyptians?  In order to build this Pyramid, they would have had to set a block of stone, weighing tons, every two and a half minutes.  How could they have cut and moved such immense blocks?  We couldn’t do that even today.  Similarly, how could humans have built Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, and the other megalithic structures?

In more recent times we often see objects in the sky that seem to move in ways that are impossible, according to our present understanding of physics.  They fly at enormous speeds, stop suddenly, change directions so quickly that inertial forces would be fatal to anyone inside; yet we have many sightings, often captured on video, radar, infrared, and so on.

One explanation for these phenomena is that they are or were the results of alien activity.  Aliens helped build the Pyramids and other megaliths.  Aliens are behind the UFO’s.  When there are unexplained phenomena that seem beyond our abilities, it must be aliens.

The problem with this explanation is that there isn’t credible evidence of aliens.  At most we have some phenomena we can’t explain at the moment.  It may well be that some explanation will be found that eliminates the mystery.  But even if not, it doesn’t have to be aliens.

Replace the word, “aliens” with the word “angels,” and nothing changes.  The Pyramids were build by angels.  UFO’s are controlled by angels.  Why should it be reasonable to say aliens are responsible, but unreasonable to claim that it’s angels?  What evidence do we have to prefer one over the other?

The evidence for angels is as credible as the evidence for aliens.  We might claim that what we call angels were actually aliens, seen by people living in more superstitious times.  But that cuts both ways.  Why couldn’t it be that what we call aliens are simply angels that appear in a more materialistic time?

Trying to explain mysterious phenomena by claiming it was aliens is as useless as blaming angels.  We don’t know how it was done.  The most likely explanation is that megaliths were built by humans; and UFO’s are probably natural phenomena or man-made technology.

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