Boiled Frogs

There is some sort of motivational concept which says that if you put a frog into cold water and slowly heat it up, he won’t notice it, and eventually he will be boiled.  If you throw the frog into boiling water, he’ll immediately jump out.  The idea is that problems that grow gradually may not be recognized.  This is silly.

First, who thinks of shit like boiling live frogs?  What sort of imagination would come up with something like that?  It’s perverted.

Second, it’s also untrue.  Frogs are cold-blooded creatures, which means that in a cold environment, they are torpid and sluggish.  They won’t move much.  As their temperature warms up, they become more active.  So if they’re in water that slowly heats up, they’ll become more active and eventually go hopping off to do whatever it is that frogs do.  So, it’s not only perverted, it’s also incorrect.

And yet, this metaphor has been presented as though it somehow represented deep wisdom.  Evidently, there are some people who find such things motivational.

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