Supporting Hamas

I am greatly puzzled and disturbed by the support for Hamas that I’ve seen throughout the world. There have been crowds of pro-Palestine people chanting “Death to the Jews.” There has been vandalism of synagogues and Jewish businesses, attacks against Jews, beatings and murders.

For some reason, students at universities have shown great support for Hamas, blaming the Israelis for the Hamas attacks against Israel. The logic seems to be that Israel has so badly mistreated the Palestinians that they made the Palestinians burn Israeli children.

There is no excuse for this. Nothing can justify murdering civilians, raping women, burning children, wiping out entire families. This is not war; this is not rebellion. It is bloodlust.

I just don’t get it. We’ve got Queers for Palestine. Are you out of your freakin’ minds? How about you go to Palestine and tell them you’re ‘queer’. See how they welcome you.

But it’s not just this group; students have posted manifestos blaming Israel for the Hamas attack and demanding they stop fighting.

Somehow we’ve managed to create a crop of students who have no moral compass. This is tragic.

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