Unclear On The Concept

Scott Roeder is on trial for the murder of George Tiller, M.D.  Dr. Tiller was an abortion provider.  Mr. Roeder claims to be a Christian.  He has no regrets at having murdered Dr. Tiller, since the doctor was killing unborn children.  Roeder felt he had to take action to save the lives of other unborn children.

According to Mr. Roeder, abortion is wrong.  He feels that in the event of the mother’s life being seriously threatened by the fetus, an abortion might possibly be justified.  Otherwise, not.  Even in the cases of incest or rape, abortion would not be justified.  As Mr. Roeder said (as quoted by CNN), “It isn’t our duty to take life, it’s our heavenly father’s.”

Mr. Roeder felt so strongly about this – that it’s wrong to take a life – that he put a gun to Dr. Tiller’s head and blew his brains out in a church.

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