Study Says Supplements Don’t Work

A recently-released study has concluded that several popular supplements for heart health don’t work.  Among other findings, there was no improvement on the levels of cholesterol.  Despite this, I would suggest hanging on to your supplements just in case the study wasn’t altogether reliable.

The study lasted for a total of 28 days.  This isn’t really enough time to form any solid conclusions beyond the fact that in 28 days, no improvement was seen.

One reason why I question the validity of this study is because of its sponsor – AstraZeneca.  AstraZeneca is a drug manufacturer.  One of their products is Crestor, which is a statin used to lower cholesterol.

So a company that manufactures a cholesterol-reducing medication pays for a study to show whether supplements can lower cholesterol within 28 days – and surprise, surprise – the supplements don’t work.

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