Incubi and Succubi

Back in the Middle Ages, people were troubled by demons who would come at night to seduce them. Women were seduced by male-appearing demons called incubi (singular, incubus); men would encounter succubi (singular, succubus).

Evidently the demons were attempting to lead their victims astray by offering sexual pleasure. There were various solutions to this problem, mostly prayer or reciting of the Gospels.

We may smile at these claims now. Probably people had erotic dreams and blamed them on evil spirits. And sometimes a person awakens to find they cannot move – called sleep paralysis. There is often a strong impression of someone sitting on the victim’s chest. Certainly there were no actual demons to seduce innocent victims.

And yet, we also have our version of similar demons. We call them “aliens.” Unlike the demons, who evidently seduced their victims in their own beds, aliens kidnap their victims, bring them to their vehicles, and perform odd examinations and often sexual acts.

Honestly, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the demonic attacks and the aliens. Same basic idea, seduction or sexual violation at night, when the victims is sleeping.

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