MGTOW is an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way. It is a community of men who have decided not to include women in their lives. The idea is that society has become seriously biased in favor of women and against men. The participants cite unfair treatment in divorces, domestic violence, child custody, etc.

There is a good bit of truth to this perception. Men are often treated unfairly, both in courts and in society. For example, I commonly encounter anti-male sentiments that are casually posted; were these sentiments directed against any other minority, the authors would be roundly condemned. But since it is against men, it is tolerated. As a man I have encountered such bigotry throughout my life.

I sympathize with much of the MGTOW ideology; however, these folks have become toxic. Their posts and comments are often blatantly, even viciously misogynistic. It’s one thing to object to being maltreated. It’s another to turn around and dish it out again.

As I investigated this community, I encountered some serious nastiness. Women are often referred to at THOT – That Ho Over There. A woman who wears brief workout clothes at a gym is considered to be trolling for a man to latch onto for financial benefit. Single mothers are all out trying to find a man to support them. And so on.

This is a bleak outlook, and grossly unfair to women. Granted, the courts do favor women unfairly in many cases. Some women do take advantage of men. But to live in a world where all the women are bloodsucking leeches is seriously fucked. And also bullshit.

It’s entirely possible to choose to separate from women, without having to demonize them. Just stay away. You can be polite, decline any overtures, and – well, go your own way. You don’t have to hate anyone to do this.

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