Tax The Churches

One of the biggest scams in the US is the way some churches rake in millions of dollars and don’t have to pay taxes on it. Churches should be taxed just like any other money-making endeavor.

Back in the day, many churches were run by sincere people who only wanted to bring the Word to people. These churches had little money, little income. They tried to help when they could, but money was tight. Somehow it was decided that these churches shouldn’t be taxed because of their good works.

Now there are multi-million dollar churches that rake in the money and pay no taxes. They don’t do good works. They don’t help anyone except themselves. They just take in a ton of money and keep it all.

Tax the churches. Have them report their income. Have them record their outgoing expenses. Let them spend money doing good works, and give them tax breaks when they do this. If a church spends a significant part of its income on helping people, reduce or eliminate the taxes on them.

And if a church rakes in the money and does nothing to help others, then tax the shit out of them. Use that tax money to do good works, if the big churches won’t do it themselves.

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