As Israeli forces have retaken areas that had been attacked by Hamas, they have discovered evidence of atrocities that haven’t been seen since the Second World War. People had been massacred, their bodies mutilate. Babies were decapitated. Some evidently had been burned. Women had been raped.

In one kibbutz, forty babies had been murdered. Babies. What possible reason could there have been for murdering them? Did Hamas fear them? The only reason to murder these babies is because Hamas wants to murder all the Jews, even the very young. Kill them all. My God.

And in many places, Hamas is being celebrated as having done something wonderful. Many Palestinians in other countries are ecstatic that Hamas has done this.

You know, when a few religious extremists go on a rampage and murder a bunch of people, you can blame it on “Islamists.” It’s not Muslims, it’s just some bad actors who claim to be Muslims.

But when crowds of people throughout the world celebrate the atrocities committed by Hamas, we’re not talking about Islamists. We’re talking about Muslims.

I know many Muslims – probably most – are aghast at what Hamas has done. Much as these Muslims might detest Israel, they do not condone butchery such as this. But there are so many people celebrating Hamas that I can’t really see this as just some extremists. It’s far more prevalent than that.

Looks pretty much like Islam to me.

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