Today is the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a night of antisemitic violence in Nazi Germany where mobs destroyed Jewish businesses, burned synagogues, beat and murdered Jews. Kristallnacht means crystal night, from the large amount of broken glass in the streets that looked like crystals.

Sadly, we are seeing this again. Throughout the world there have been massive demonstrations against Israel and Jews, condemning them evidently for being attacked by Hamas. The logic of this escapes me, but somehow Israel is responsible for Hamas invading and murdering civilians, including children.

Of course there is no logic there, no reason. The truth is irrelevant. These people hate Jews, and now that Israel is fighting against a terrorist attack, these antisemites are making all sorts of specious claims.

This is not about Palestine or Gaza. It’s not about land or resources. It’s about Jews. The Hamas charter states that one of its goals is to kill all the Jews – not just Israelis, but Jews. A large number of people are just fine with this.

If I had to guess I suppose I’d say that most people don’t want to kill all the Jews. However, I am certain that a large number of people are content to stand by and watch while others do the killing.

I am seriously disappointed by many groups I would have thought would condemn the actions of Hamas. Not only do the fail to condemn the atrocities, they openly support Hamas.

I don’t know how this will turn out. I’m guessing that Israel will eventually “win” in the sense that they’ll manage to stop the attacks for a while – maybe even a few years. But even if they manage to completely wipe out Hamas, there are no shortage of other groups who would gladly try to annihilate the Jews.

In this atrocity, there can be no winners.

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